Dob: 15. 02. 2005.
The father is American Lover Dejmon for Tiger Tattoo's /Kaculek/
The mother is CH. Miss Beau Tiann /Tittiry/

The puppies three days old

The six days old puppies

A lunch together

Male: Tiger Tattoo's Urban Cowboy owned by Norbert Sallai

Male: Tiger Tattoo's Ultimate warrior owned by Péter Csuhay

Male: Tiger Tattoo's Uncle Tom owned by László Tóth and his family

Tiger Tattoo's Unlimited Edition "Vanda"
Female: Tiger Tattoo's Unlimited Edition owned by Tamás Hajdú

Female: Tiger Tattoo's Utah Rose owned by Judit & Viktor Kerek

Female: TigerTattoo's Ulster's Angel /Böbe/ owned by Tibor Táncos

Female: Tiger Tattoo's Up and Go owned by Nóra Szakály

Female: Tiger Tattoo's Under the Rising Sun /Vespa/ Stay in our kennel
In the new pictures eight and half weeks old of the puppies

The puppies ancestry